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Foreign Exchange

Central Coast Credit Union has partnered with American Express Foreign Exchange to offer you simple solutions to your foreign currency requirements. Whether you are going overseas for a shopping spree or sending money to a family member abroad for their birthday, we offer a range of secure and convenient options to suit your needs.

Sending Money overseas:

Telegraphic Transfers


A Telegraphic Transfer (TT) allows you to electronically send funds directly into your beneficiaries account in a specified currency. TT's are the preferred method to make large value international payments as they are processed quickly, cost-effectively and securely in over 100 currencies.

To send a TT, you will need to contact our office where we will facilitate the payment for you. You will be required to provide the following information in order to process a TT with us:

  • Your street address
  • Beneficiaries name and street address
  • Beneficiaries bank account details

Foreign Currency Drafts

Foreign Currency Bank Drafts, commonly called drafts or foreign currency cheques, are simply Bank cheques made to a recipient who can deposit the cheque directly into their own account. Drafts are an ideal payment method when you have small amounts to pay or you do not know the banking details of the person or beneficiary you need to send money to. Drafts can be ordered via our office and are typically available within 48 hours.

Heading overseas:

When traveling overseas, consider taking your travel funds with you in the form of a mixed travel wallet. Spreading your funds out across several formats allows for safety and convenience.

Foreign Cash

With over 60 currencies available we are confident we can provide you with the foreign cash you require, no matter where in the world you are going. Order at your convenience online or place an order at our Wyong office. Your foreign cash will be available for collection within 48 hours from our Wyong office or an American Express Foreign Exchange office of your choice.

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American Express Travellers Cheques

American Express Travellers Cheques are a safe and easy way to protect your spending money whilst travelling. They are available in 6 major currencies and universally accepted. Should you have the misfortune of having your Travellers Cheques stolen or losing them, they are replaceable within 24 hours, virtually anywhere in the world. There is also no expiration date so you can always save unused Cheques for another trip.

With American Express Travellers Cheques your travel funds are protected and you will never be stranded without access to your money.

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Encashment Services

Conveniently convert your foreign currency into Australian Dollars for your local spending requirements. Should you have excess foreign cash, unused Travellers Cheques or receive a foreign currency cheque or draft, you are able to exchange these for Australian Dollars through the Credit Union's encashment service.