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Save by always using a rediATM when you withdraw cash

When you withdraw cash from an ATM that isn't a rediATM you pay what's called a direct charge fee - usually around $2 or $2.50. That may not sound like a lot but it can really add up. If you'd rather save that money instead, here's what you can do:

  • Whenever you want cash, make sure you use a rediATM. There are over 100 financial institutions - banks and credit unions - that belong to the rediATM network, so you may see their brand on the rediATM as well. It makes no difference. If it has the rediATM logo on it, it's one of yours - and that means no direct charge fee.
  • Get the rediATM finder app. With over 3,000 rediATMs in handy locations Australia-wide, they're easy to spot, but the app makes it even easier. It's free from the App Store and from Google Play. Or use the rediATM locator tool at

Disclaimer: Although no ATM direct charge fees apply, individual account charges may still be payable. Contact CCCU for full details.



This app is designed to help you find a rediATM as quickly and easily as possible.

As soon as you open the rediATM Finder app it will automatically use your current location to pinpoint your nearest rediATM (while GPS is enabled).

Map-reading not your thing? No problem. Just click on the ‘Get Directions’ button for help in locating the rediATM.

What if you want to pinpoint a rediATM that’s close to a place you’re going to later, rather than where you are right now? Simply click on the magnifying glass icon and enter the suburb or postcode.

It couldn’t be easier.

To install your free rediATM Finder app click here.