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Regular Payment Arrangements

Do you have regular payments from your card account?

You may have previously authorized an organisation or business to regularly debit your card account.

If your card has expired or you have received a new card with a new card number, you should advise these organisations of your new card details or future transactions may be declined. If it is just a matter that you have received a replacement card with a new expiry date, you may find that these organisations will, or have already approached you for this information.

You can easily update this information by downloading our Change of Account Details form by clicking here. Complete the form with the updated information and forward off to the organisation concerned.

Members wishing to cancel a Direct Debit can do so by contacting the Credit Union Branch directly on 02 4350 5255. 'We will act promptly to cancel a direct debit facility linked to your transaction account if you ask us to do so, and we will give you an estimate of how long the cancellation will take. We will not tell you to try and cancel the facility with the biller or other direct debit user first (but we may suggest that you also contact the direct debit user).'

To provide a better understanding of Regular Payment Arrangements click here to download the FAQs and Statement provided by the Australian Payments and Clearing Association (APCA).

If you have any questions regarding "Regular Payment Arrangements" please contact our office on 02 4350 5255.