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Savings and Investment Products

Your Credo offers a great range of savings and investment products that have been developed to help you take control of your finances.

Free Direct Credit & Debit facilities are attached to our at call savings accounts.

Internet & Telephone Banking is available to ensure you have access to your funds 24 hours a day, so you can do all your on-line banking in the comfort of your home.

Pay your bills on-line with our free BPay facility which is attached to Internet & Telephone Banking, or just come into the branch and we will pay the bills for you.

S1 Everyday Account

Our S1 account offers the convenience of having one account for everyday banking with access through thousands of ATM locations around Australia along with a free cheque book facility, while accounts such as S5 Investment Savings allows you to save according to your personal requirements.

S3 Budget Account

The S3 Budget Account enables you to budget for your monthly, quarterly and annual bills. Have your payroll split to any account so you know that when those bills come in the funds are already available.

S5 Investment Savings Account

Our S5 Investment Savings allows you to save according to your personal requirements.

S7 Money Market Account

If you are looking for an investment savings with a higher interest rate than an at call account and you have a minimum of $25,000 then our Money Market Account is tailored for you. 24 hours notice must be given to withdraw from this account with minimum transactions of $5,000.

S9 Christmas Club Account

A Christmas Club Account S9 is a great way to save for Christmas. Your funds are only available to access from the 1st November to the 31st January, what a great way to take the worry out of Christmas.

S10 Special Purpose Savings Account

The CCCU Special Purpose Savings Account rewards you for saving and includes a generous bonus interest rate, paid when you make deposits totaling $100.00 and no withdrawals in the same calendar month. The Special Purpose Savings Account is for basic deposits and withdrawals and does not support the following products and services: Direct Debit, BPay, Cheque Book and VISA Card.

S11 Mortgage Offset Savings Account

100% offset against your eligible CCCU Home Loan. By depositing funds into this account, you reduce the outstanding loan balance during any given time period, reducing the amount of interest charged on your home loan during this period. This account can also be linked to your everyday savings account. For example, if you have a CCCU Home Loan with $250,000 owing and a CCCU Mortgage Offset Savings Account with a credit balance of $25,000, you will only pay interest (calculated daily) on your home loan on a balance of $225,000. The Mortgage Offset Savings Account is not available on 2,3,4, and 5 Year Fixed Interest Rates, Line of Credit Home Loans and Off-Balance Sheet Home Loans (L61). 

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Fixed Term Deposits

If you have cash available and you don't need it for a while consider a fixed term deposit? Our fixed terms offer a higher interest rate than an at call savings. We have a range of terms from 3, 6, 12 and 24 months. For your first Fixed Term Deposit the minimum amount is $500.00 any subsequent deposits are $1,000.00

Important Notice: The deposit is lodged on the basis that it is not with-drawable prior to the date on which it matures. Should you need to redeem your deposit prior to the maturity date, you are required to provide the Credit Union with a minimum notice period of 31 days. Where early redemption is agreed to, interest payable on the deposit shall be paid at the early redemption default rate of 0.50%.

Financial Claims Scheme

Depositors with the Credit Union may be entitled to receive a payment from the Financial Claims Scheme, subject to a limit per depositor.

The Financial Claims Scheme is an Australian Government scheme that provides protection to deposits in Credit Unions, Banks and Building Societies, and to policies with General Insurers, in the unlikely event that one of these Financial Institution fails.

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