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Savings Fees & Charges

Below are the Schedule of Fees & Charges on Saving Product that we offer, effective 21 June 2017.


Member Loyalty Fee Rebate

A fee is applied for each chargeable transaction on a Member's Savings Account. The total transaction fees**, less the Member's Loyalty Fee Rebate, are charged to the Member's main savings account at the end of each calendar month.

The Loyalty Fee Rebate for each calendar month is calculated on the Member's average monthly relationship balance. The relationship balance equals the total savings and loan account balances. The Loyalty Fee Rebate can only reduce transaction fees to nil (no credits will be applied) and any unused rebate cannot be carried forward to offset transaction fees in subsequent months. The applicable Member Loyalty Fee Rebate is set out in the following table:

Total Balance of Savings & Loan Accounts Combined                      Maximum Loyalty Fee Rebate (per month)

Less than $5,000.00                                                                                                    $5.00

Between $5,000.01 - $30,000.00                                                                               $10.00

Between $30,000.01 - $50,000.00                                                                             $15.00

$50,000.01 and above                                                                                                $25.00

The Greater your commitment, the Greater your REWARD!

The Member Loyalty Fee Rebate is calculated on the average monthly combined Savings and Loan Account Balance and will include the transactions identified below with ** 


Products & Transactions Fee $ Fee Payable
RediATM Transaction Fee  ** 1.00 Monthly
Non RediATM Transaction Fee At Cost Point of
EFTPOS Fee ** 1.00 Monthly
ATM Declined Transaction Fee ** 1.00 Monthly
EFTPOS Declined Transaction Fee ** 1.00


Branch Cash Withdrawal** 1.00 Monthly
Credit Union Corporate Cheque** 1.00 Monthly
Electronic Transfer to other Financial Institutions**
Includes Periodical Payments & Direct Transfers


Large Cash Withdrawal $5000 and over 0.15% % of total amount withdrawn
Coin Exchange Fee (Coin exchanged for notes on same day of deposit) 5%

% of total amount deposited (minimum $2.00)

Account Combination Fee (transfer to cover insufficient funds) 3.00 On transfer
Dormancy Fee (inactive account for a period of 12 months 20.00 Annually
Business Account Cheque withdrawal Fee 0.25 Monthly
NAB Bank Cheque Fee 17.00 On Request
VISA Replacement Card Fee 12.50 On Issue
VISA Debit Overseas Cash Advance 5.00 Monthly
Statement Reprints - #.50c per page - minimum $2.00 # On request
Dishonour Fee Periodical Payment
Payable when insufficient funds are available to honor payment

On dishonour

Dishonour Fee Member Personal Cheque
Payable when insufficient funds are available to honor payment

On dishonour

Trace or copy - Member Transaction 22.00 On request
Christmas Club Account Early Withdrawal Fee 15.00 On request
Special Answer on Third Party Cheque 20.00 On request
SWIFT Funds Transfer (same day electronic funds transfer) - Inwards 7.50 Point of receipt
SWIFT Funds Transfer (same day electronic funds transfer) - Outwards 12.00 On request

Stop Payment on Corporate Cheque 15.00 On request
SMS Mail Alert 0.25 Monthly

Dishonour Fee on Direct Debits
Payable when insufficient funds are available to honor payment


On dishonour

Member Cheque Book Issue Fee 25 Page Cheque Book

2.50 On Request
50 Page Cheque Book 5.00 On Request
100 Page Cheque Book 15.00 On Request
Agency Withdrawal (3rd Party CU withdrawal) 20.00 On Request
Currency Fees
Travellers Cheques

1% of Value (min $10.00)

1% of Value (min $10.00)

1% of Value (min $10.00)

On purchase

On purchase

On purchase

Foreign Cash
Cash Passport Card
Foreign Cash Deposit At Cost Express Post Envelope per 1000AUD
International Draft
International Draft (AUD)
On purchase

Overseas (Foreign) Cheque Deposit            (<$5000AUD)   5.00 On deposit (payable to third party)
    (>$5000AUD)                        50.00 On deposit (payable to third party)
Telegraphic Transfer - Outwards International
Telegraphic Transfer - Outwards International (AUD)
On purchase

How to SAVE on Transaction Fees

You can SAVE on transaction fees by choosing the "Credit" or "Paywave" option when making purchases with your VISA Debit Card at any eftpos terminal. All "Credit" and "Paywave" transactions are FREE.

Transaction Limits

  • Daily ATM transaction limit per VISA Card $1,000.00
  • Daily over-the-counter cash withdrawal limit $1,000.00 unless agreed to by the Credit Union (24 hour notice required) 
  • Daily electronic transfers using Internet Banking agreed to by the Credit Union

Effective Date: 1st January 2018